Coleen Sykes-Ray

Pastry Chef & Creative Cake Artist 

Coleen Sykes-Ray is the owner of Coleen's Cupcakery a small business in Stockton, CA. She is a proud mother of three.  Coleen has a passion for baking that she quickly grew to love at the tender age of 6 years old. Gleaning from her Great Aunt Bessie who lived directly across the street from her childhood home. Coleen and Aunt Bessie spent a significant amount of time together pouring over recipes and perfecting her craft creating delicious treats and desserts for the weekly bake sale at their church.  

Coleen's Cupcakery was created out of the memory and love of baking that she shared with her great aunt. For Coleen, baking with love and passion is a form of worship. The amount of love,  coupled with southern Louisiana traditions is what sets Coleen's Cupcakery apart from every other bakery, once you try a cupcake, cake or dessert it will become your favorite.